Thursday, July 23, 2015

Loosing track of time

There was a time when we used to see dates on calendar and remembered what was the special occasion of the day. Today we see the date in our phone , laptop , desktop, tablet everyday every moment.. Yet we don't remember the special dates unless we get n update of Facebook or a whatsapp update.. Loosing track of the important has not been new but used to happened when we hit 80s.. But now we have become so prone to technology we hardly let our brain think on the things which should be more important to us.. We r trying to compete everyday with the everyone trying to like more post more and update more trying to get cooler than others.. Recent dent being every second selfie.. So what's dere to detox from this?? Food fr thgt..


Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Coratana Now Available in India for Nokia Lumia 1020

Hi ,
Finally Lumia Denim Update is available in India for Lumia 1020. There was a lot of buzz regarding the release date but no fine time line.

Even after the release when you try to activate Cortana you may get an error that the language and the region chosen are not correct.
I am still working on changing the language (presently 'English (India)')setting and region setting (presently 'India'). But does not seem to be working. Hopefully I will be able to fix it soon and will post the fix as well. Till then will have to google a couple of more blogs.

Got some update for the language settings.. It's funny cause we have to use English (UK) for India. :)

Below is mentioned the chart the region, language and speech settings.. Hope it helps..

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