Sunday, October 30, 2011

Dell Inspiron 1464 easy fix

Well most of us are well aware of this problem. This is my third dell and one of the prime reasons for changing my system other than the hardware upgrade was heating of the system. Little did I know the fix was not that hard at all. In fact a couple of months ago I was again thinking of an upgrade to dell latitude. But then one of my friends suggested that it was the dust that had accumulated near the heat sink and that is the reason. I had ripped up my laptop before to upgrade the hard disk but then I never saw much dust layer on the mother board or the top of the fan that could cause the issue. But had to give it a shot so I decided to open it up again. Well this time also I didnt see much of dust on the fan and then I decided to open the fan least there may be something. And viola there was a thick layer of dust betwen the fan and the heat sink. This was the only issue that was causing the heating problem. I neatly removed the dust layer and cleaned the fan and sink with a cotton bulb. I replaced the fan and put together the parts. I was amazed to see that there was no heating at all and it was as if I had bought the comp when it was new. Added adavatage was the battery life also increased as there was less heating. So there lies the solution if you feel your dell laptop is getting heated up beyond rekoning as it grows a year or so old then try taking it to some service center and ask cleaning then up the heat sink and the fan. Or if you are enthusiastic try ripping it apart and clean it yourself. Just one piece of advice download the datasheet for opening the laptop before you proceed else you might curse the moment you took the decision of opening it up.

Hope this article will help some of you to save money and keeping faith in dell.

PS. you might want to use a tooth brush to clean the vent of the heat sink


Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Life in Blore

Its been sometime I have been in blore. I must say the weather here is really catching all my attention. It seems that even 27-28 degree is hot after being in here for a couple of months. I went to Nandi Hills after a night out with frns. I went to a couple of well known pubs anf food joints. Started cooking on a regualr basis and going to gym occassionally. Things were changing and I started feeling that I would like to settle here for some time I suddenly got some opportunity to get back to city of Joy. I don't know exactly but it somehow seems to me that my presence in every place for that duration of time is fixed. I have no reasons or may be getting pshyced staying single but something inside me wants to go back to Kolkata. I want to be close to my parents and my family. There have been a lot of bad and good phases that I have in my life. But life it seems has a lot more of exercise tasks than I did expect. Whenever I feel I have had enough it tells me and makes me realise that I am a negligible part of the endless and huge world. My problems are so minor compared to issues prevailing presently in my surroundings.

My learning cycle has grown a lot, have been able to contribute and imbibe a lot of things from my work culture. I have grown a lot on basics and have definitely gained a lot of confidence. The primary reason for this is that I have been handling a lot of things on my own. I get a lot of time so try to put down my work on web and this gives me a lot of confidence. This is a good journey so far and I am enjoying my personal and proffesional life in blore. But like I said I dono why I am getting inclined to go back to Kolkata. I am not sure if I am ready for any other change. But the thought of it didnt give me goose pimples.