Saturday, May 28, 2011

Just another saturday...

Had a hectic week loads of processing done lots of reports generated for database maintenance. Worked more than 12hrs per day this week. Deserve a weeken like a roller coaster. Had futball in the mornin followed by a short guitar session augmented by a double omlet n tea. Then Hangover II followed by Chiken in KFC. Then back to guitar session after a siesta. Go to tollygunj in search of a flat. Land up at frns place to play pool n then a hooka session. Finally another session of guitar n den somethin to munch on. End the day with desert. Now dat sounds like a weeken. Hang on Sunday is still awating.


Thursday, May 26, 2011

cudnt think of

I spend a lot of my time on net trying to learn something new everyday. I watch movies very often n i like to repeat the movies a lot of times if i like dem. I dono much about psychology but I have a lot of things running in my head all the time and I have a tendency to try n finish things as soon as I can. I want to spend much of time doing something or the other so that I dont have time to sit n think about anything n I fear dat there is sm thgt that I want to escape. I live my life as it comes n never think of hw to do things today to make my future better. I always do wt I want to the way I want to. yes there are a lot of things that I have to cut on cause of my huge credit bills n sm cause I do end up hurting myself. I have always been emotional and never hurt sm1 intentionally. I like to live life king size. I never like to say I wish. I always take my shot to wtever opportunity comes my way. But m nt dat lucky always. I always liked the MagicMoments of my life. Funny Im over all those things now but still see flashes of her every now n den I still hunt her in crowd pointlessly. Seriously I dont get attracted to most of the beauties ogled by frns. Dont get me wrong dere dude. I always m attracted to faces which have resemblance to her. I know this is crazy but then this is how things are right now. I do not know what is stored fr me in future but I want to live in my present. I dono how will I get over the fear of being alone. I want to be with sm1 soon ere I turn into a total phanatic.


Monday, May 16, 2011


I miss being loved and cared by someone. Yes its so true that for the 1st time in life I feel so free. I am working on some of my favourite technologies but the physical touch of sm1 can be replaced by some niche technology. This has been a really good journey since last few months. I have been to places and took some very strong decisions in life but there has always been a weaker side to those decisions. I dont know why cant I fall for sm1. Not that there are no opportunities but then I always try to find a familiar face. I do not know when or how will I get out of this finally. I am in a very strong position now but I will lie to myself if I say that I have forgotten her. It so happens that I am walking out of office and suddenly it started raining and I recolleted that it was the same weather some day when we were together. There are so many moments and all so special that it is virtually impossible to forget everything. But I really regret the moment I met or interacted with her. When I first saw her and fell in LUV with her. Had I not seen her had I not interacted with her life would have been so gracefull and so easy to live. I know my exile is towards and end but in this journey I lost some of my most enjoyable years.