Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Kolkata will be Calcutta

Things are changing fast in and round the globe. All are tyring to marvell in everything they know. Kolkata is not far from the truth and I have been able to judge this as I shifted from a very dynamic city so I could see things slowing down. I lived in Mumbai for around two years and thought I was born fr the city only to realise that one should have money to enjoy in Mumbai. Due to some family issues I had to move down to Kol. I had been in the project which was driven from mumbai and hence could feel the same amount of work load and people aorund me were astonished to see me work for inhuman number of hours. The project ended and I moved to an aoount which was driven from kolkata. Here I realised that people in Kolkata also believed in the statement 'Work is GOD!!!'. The only difference is that people here are less religious. People talk about escalations as soon as they enter the office and after a couple of mins they only talk about food and flats. People here asre so obsessed with Bengal and the people of Bengal even when they talk about Sachin he is compared with Ganguly. They cannot except any non-bengali doing something good in a field if there is a bengali nomination. Lunch and tea time is the time which they lesiure the most. People here in IT are not driven by knowlege but are driven by politics to an extent that is rely not imaginable. People here are chosen to work on project not by knowlege but by the amount of experience they have and the kinda contact they haev. They still want to go ahead of all in words but they talk about it so much they do not acutally have the time to implement it. Freshers joining the team miss the compition for a few days but later take this as a the system. They too join the gossip that goes around and forget the sole reason for their working in a dynamic industry. The view I have is related to IT itself but I think the other fields will not be an exception to it.


Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Just a thought of lazy afternoon

The last few months have been real busy in life. Have missed a lot of things and gained a lot of things(weight). But its time now to come out of the hibernation. Shed some weight and get back in touch. Have joined an awsm poject and there is an apple time and opportunity to expolit. But there is one thing in the bakend that I always have to process 'How long will I be able to hold this spark?'. That's the fear I always have in my mind. I always have been of this nature. I tend to like some things initially like crazy but loose interest very soon. My relations I had are no exceptions to this. I am thinking like a crazy person these days and somehow I have strated to liking this. I have done somethings in these past few days which I never wanted to do. Life changes and with them a lot of ur thoughts and beliefs change. I do not why I cannot controll my life I hate the idea that my life is controlled by someone else. I want to get lost in thoughts and studies I want to pronounce this real life and get into a life where I do not need to have emotions or beliefs. There be no good no bad where there be just true and false.


Friday, March 25, 2011

Style-BTM72 iBall Bluetooth Headset

In this post will try to delve into how to configure iBall BTM7.

There is not much on net I could google. Even the iBall website lacks the info.
Here is how the trick goes.
Switch the bluetooth on and keep the switch pressed till you see the red and blue light blinking together. Then try searching for the headset on the mobile and then give the default pairing code as '0000'. Vioala!!! thats all you had to do.


Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Nokia tying up wid MS.. Is this the future of Communication or END of a Tyrany??

I have been using Nokia since adolescence. Started with 5110 a real basic set but gave the voice quality and signal clarity which Seimens and Samsung lacked. However the mobile market emerged like nothing else. After Reliance Communication entering the Indian market there was no looking back. Mobiles became more important than having a wrist watch. Gone are those days when people used landline or went to PCO to make a phone call. Now you can make a call from ne part of the counrty seamlessly. With providers increasing their customer base everyday comming up with some plan or the other but there has been one name which has ruled this decade of mobile communication and thats undoubtedly Nokia. Be it a basic set to a business class phone you have an answer to all the customer requirements. It was a brand which we all proudly endorsed. But in the recent days the story has changed since Andriod has come to market. There had been a lot of speculations about Meego and Symbian^3 but both could not cope with the customer expectation. Nokia has realized the threat to its customer base but didnt choose to switch to Android. And now it has tied up with Microsoft for its future release of phones. Now we will see Nokia phones based on Windows Mobile OS. I think this can make a potential difference in the market of Mobile Phones. We have seen Windows Mobile OS and its potential but then there was no elegant hardware to do justice to the OS. To utilise a good software you need a really good harware. And thats the reason I think this combination will work. I think most of us do remember some time ago there was a speculation that Google OS will rule the market and Windows will be a bygone thing. Then MS came up with one product that not only did answer the vast customer base but also shattered the dreams of Google about ruling the OS market. It proved that it has been in the market for 2 decades now not because there is no compition but cause it has done its research and is very updated with its customer requirement. Windows is also ready with the new OS Windows8 OS but has not officially announced the release. If I can imagine a Winows7 core working on my Nokia I can rely imagine what power will the device carry. I am looking forward to the future of this tie-up. I just hope that this tie-up is not marked in black and the Apple Story is not repeated.