Monday, January 31, 2011


Well this is no story about a writer who is lazy. Ironically they actually are : ) But then today I thought to document something about SQL Server which I think about lot of times and then as usual forget to document.

Now to start with lazy writer is a process in sql server which helps in clearing the buffer cache. The buffer cache as the name suggests are the cache pages which sql sever uses to load the data from data pages for manipulation. Now Lazy Writer is the process which flushes out batches of dirty, aged buffers and makes them available to user processes. The lazy writer eliminates the need of perfomrning frequent checkpoint in order to create available buffers.

The process of clearing the buffer cache is not that easy. By that I mean it's calculative. Now each page in the buffer cache has a refernce counter and a bit to note whether it is a dirty page. (Now a dirty page is one which has modified data which has yet not been written back to disk.) Comming back to the calculative part the reference counter that I mentined associated to the page gets decremented each time a buffer scan happens. Now if the count is reduced to 0 then the page is written back to the data file page and the buffer page is emptied. This job is done by the lazy writer.

Basically LazyWriters ensure two things:
a) There are adequate resources in buffer pool for the sql server to use.
b) Monitor the usage of commited memory by the buffer pool and ajust it as necessary so that enough physical memory remains free to prevent windows from paging.

LazyWriter can adjust the number of buffers in the buffer pool if the dynamic memory management is enabled in SQL Server. SQL Server estimates the adequate number of buffer pools depending upon the system activity and the number of stalls.(Stall happens when the system has to wait for a buffer free page when a request for memory is raised)


Saturday, January 29, 2011


It's been some time I am doing some peaceful study. I always thought of studying as a boring thing to do. But now I feel the importance of studing the theory after working for about 3 years in this industry. I had never thought that I will be able to join such a firm and to work for such a reputed firm was my dream. But now when this dream has come tru I feel I am more worthy of this. The satisfaction level for the job is very low. I feel the salary I get is gross in comparison to the efforts I do put in for the project. I needed a transfer and hence joined a project but then they started taking advantage of my weakness. I used to slog for more than 16 hours per day to finish up the work. I think I was wrong on the part that I did not speak up to the management against this. I think I will ask the management to release me from this project. I will quit this company soon and join a firm which will respect me and my work.


Sunday, January 23, 2011

Start Fresh

I know I can't go back in the time and fix things. Not that I repent for anything I did in my life or I do not like my life the way it is right now. But I want to have a fresh start an ernest start where I will be 100% honest with me. Where I know what I am doing and the reason why I am doing. I will try to be a better person from today. I will keep my things in an organised way and will try to things within an expected time line. I will keep track of things that I always need to know. I will be more serious in life. I know I am lost in this world of friends and college and job but then I will put an effort to establish me.


Saturday, January 22, 2011

Gettin Over

I have tried so many times but still cant get past the things I am used to so easily. I am still lying in the hostel room where I began my college life, still glued to the laptop waitin for some one to come online. Still tryin to find out some thing new which will interest me. I dono how do they say get over it trust me I have tried to do it so many times with not one but series of things but it seems life has just stopped after college. I just want to go back to the class rooms now and attend the lectures I bunked. I miss my college days so much that I am forgetting to live my present. I know its tough to move on but some day or other I have to. I am still finding my way out of this phase of my life where I am still a college going guy. I know I am in this alone and have to get out of this mess alone. I wish I had some one to help me through this but I know its just me and me alone. This lonliness kills me every moment and everyday. I am getting used to this now. I have to get out of this fast before I get lost in this life cycle. I need to find me and realise that I need to move on in life. I forgive all who have hurt me. I wish all the success and happiness to all.


Saturday, January 15, 2011

Social Network

Life in this digital era has changed a lot. There were days when we knew all about our society, our close friends even when there was just a landline as means of communication. Now we have endless means of communication by which we not only communicate we over communicate. We open up so much to the society. Earlier having a gf was a social staus which many were shy to disclose to any one else oder than friends. N now its just a relationship status. The digitization of everything has taken away the charm of having the relation. The fun behind takin a snap and keeping it fr a life time seems so aged. This was a thing that happened not more than 10 years ago. This decade has seen some very significant changes. Mobile commnucation boom and internet amalgamated with each oder was such a explosion. It made people go eccentric. There are phones designed to keep you updated to social netwrk. You click a pic and another click allows you to upload them to the social netwrk and then ur netwrk can see it, comment on it , tag on it and wt not. The image itself so viable that people can use them any way they want n no one to stop dem. I do not know if this is taking us some where or are we getting illuded to no where. Does this have a future. Yes it definitely has but then will this add to our future dats the question mark I will like to raise and answered.

Thursday, January 13, 2011


I feel the need to find myself sometimes. It so happens that I react but just to show that I have some feelings. I feel the whole life I have been spending my life the way people want me to or the way situations insisted me to. I never dreamt what my life should be like. I think I need to find the reason why am I spending my life the way I am and if I do not find an answer I should start a new way to spend life. I need solace to think about myslef and my life. It is the purpose of my life to find the purpose of my life. It is the question that I should ask to myself but I guess I will have to wake from my dream. Dream of having a good life a good job a job person a good friend a good son. I do not know why did I always have to be good. But then I never decided the good way I was dictated to take the good path in everything. If I had an option to choose with free mind is it bad to take the bad side. Is it wrong to do a sin but then why would a sin be a sin if we had the previlage to decide which path to take.