Monday, December 25, 2017

The IDream

Since 2008 Apple announced the amazing range of products be it IPod Touch or IPhone or Macbook. I always wanted to lay my hands on one of those. There were times I was envious of the people owning them as they returned from onsite(oh let's not go into the details of meritocracy for the same). I finally decided to have one. The Macbook air can still be explained as because of the  products they have for creativity which is some how shunned in windows but most importantly the feel of having a Macbook is far more awesome.
Also got a IPhone to add flavor to the fun and trust me it is much more hyped that for real. Sure the firm factor and the mental satisfaction you have is unparalleled but other than that it is just a phone. When we have so many good build phones coming in less than half of the price value it is definitely a major waste of money. But yes after using it for a couple of months given a chance I will not be willing to go back to Android and Hell Never to Windows phones. But most the credit to this shift of phone is to Nokia for not doing what was required in time.  

To configure the local loop back adapter in vmware

To install the Loopback adapter:

Click Start > Control Panel > Add Hardware.
Click Next on the introduction dialog box.
Select Yes, I have already connected the hardware and click Next.
Select Add a new hardware device, and click Next.
Select Install the hardware that I manually select from a list (Advanced), and click Next.
Select Network adapters, and click Next.
Select Microsoft as the manufacturer, select Microsoft Loopback Adapter as the adapter, and click Next.
Click Next to confirm the installation.
Click Finish to complete the installation.

To configure the newly created adapter:

Click Start > Control Panel > Network Connections.
Select the newly created connection (named Local Area Connection #, where # is its order number).
Right-click on the selected connection and choose Properties from the menu.
Confirm that Microsoft Loopback Adapter or Microsoft Loopback Adapter # is displayed in the Connect Using: field. If it is not, return to step 2 and retry properties for another adapter.
Deselect everything except Internet Protocol (TCP/IP).
Select Internet Protocol (TCP/IP), and click Properties to open Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) Properties.
Select Use the following IP address:. Fill in the IP address: and Subnet mask: fields. For example,,
Click Advanced to open Advanced TCP/IP Settings.
Switch to WINS and select Disable NetBIOS over TCP/IP.
Click OK to close Advanced TCP/IP Settings.
Click OK to close the Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) Properties.
In Windows XP only, Deselect Notify me when this connection has limited or no connectivity to remove the connection warning icon from the system notification area.
Click OK to close the connection properties.

Slowness Syndrome

Have you ever felt the need to fuel the jet??  Do you know what it feels like to drive at 40kmph when you have witnessed 180kmph? That should give you a taste of what it feels like when you need to brake and slow down in pressure of society. Well this is what one can feel a lot of times. People here don't wana walk they just wana stroll and trust me when you wana run they will pull you back. Be it back bitching be it hideous politics oh yes sir they are bound to these abilities you won't find any where. Why can't people go fast and ahead and why can't they let go of their laid back attitude. People who should have been friendly and homely have grown wild and try to make people uneasy and unhappy and it's a shame they find happiness in that. I feel a lot suffocated but have to put on a visage so that all feel I am gelled in. 

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Loosing track of time

There was a time when we used to see dates on calendar and remembered what was the special occasion of the day. Today we see the date in our phone , laptop , desktop, tablet everyday every moment.. Yet we don't remember the special dates unless we get n update of Facebook or a whatsapp update.. Loosing track of the important has not been new but used to happened when we hit 80s.. But now we have become so prone to technology we hardly let our brain think on the things which should be more important to us.. We r trying to compete everyday with the everyone trying to like more post more and update more trying to get cooler than others.. Recent dent being every second selfie.. So what's dere to detox from this?? Food fr thgt..


Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Coratana Now Available in India for Nokia Lumia 1020

Hi ,
Finally Lumia Denim Update is available in India for Lumia 1020. There was a lot of buzz regarding the release date but no fine time line.

Even after the release when you try to activate Cortana you may get an error that the language and the region chosen are not correct.
I am still working on changing the language (presently 'English (India)')setting and region setting (presently 'India'). But does not seem to be working. Hopefully I will be able to fix it soon and will post the fix as well. Till then will have to google a couple of more blogs.

Got some update for the language settings.. It's funny cause we have to use English (UK) for India. :)

Below is mentioned the chart the region, language and speech settings.. Hope it helps..

Ref :


Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Nokia Lumia 930 gets listed in Nokia India Website

Nokia Lumia 930
After a lot of confusion regarding the release date and price for Nokia Lumia 930 today it got listed in Nokia India Website. There are sellers in ebay india who are selling it for 38000 INR. But there is no official release date yet. Today there is a press event called by Microsoft and hopefully we will see the launch of Nokia 730,830 and 930 in India.

This is one of the last phones we will see under Nokia Lumia flagship after which it will be called only Lumia. Nokia Lumia 930 is actually Nokia Lumia 1520 cropped to 5inch screen rest of the tech specs remain as it. So definitely looking forward today to Nokia store get my Nokia Lumia 930.

Hopefully Nokia Lumia 930 will be released today on 1st October 2014.


Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Future is here or is it still to come.

Hi Friends,
We belong to the era that witnessed desktop without multimedia with a HDD of 4GB and a processor of 100's of MHz. The only mobile storage used to be floppy disk which was also a  priced possesion. From there we saw pagers comming into the market and then it was like THE thing to carry a mobile in your pocket. But that phased out like a blink of eyelash and Mobiles entered the market. People were crazy for devices which were able to work without wire. Before we knew we started working on Laptops which were powerfull than our ansestoral desktops with full multimedia integration. Slowly we entered into a era of TOUCH devices. It started from PDA's but it didn't restrict to that. Thanks to Apple Inc. that we now can't imagine our world without a touch. Things are moving so fast and so user centric that we cannot image what it would be like the very next day. Mobile screens getting bigger and laptop screens getting smaller we have now some devices which are in between the laptops and mobile phone. Not to mention there are smart phones already present to make your laptop feel ashamed.

We have seen so much in the last two decades it impossible to rethink our future without what has happened. But what's next now? Well some things are definite that Mobile OS rush will end within a couple of years. It will be the same market as is with our laptops now. We will buy just the hardware from a Mobile Vendor and choose our OS and Netwrk partner. Well the days to come will not only witness some better touch but also gestures and voice driven tasks. We have to wait to witness what is in future but I can now say that future can be decided with what we can imagine. Its the imagination that limits us and our future. If we can think whats beyond we can definitely re-shape our future.

Tushar Kanti